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Our Oven & Cookware Cleaner tackles cleaning by easily removing tough dirt and grime to restore items to becoming like new. Formulated with no harsh chemicals, you’ll never need to wear gloves!

The Pinnacle Of Cleaning Power On Grease And Burnt-On Foor With Natural and Effective Orange Oil No Harsh Chemical

Our hardest working paste!

Powers through oven dirt tackling the entire oven including the door

With the addition of orange oil to cut thorough grease with ease

Includes a surface specific sponge suitable for doing the job in hand

With no harsh chemicals there is no need to wear gloves or have a child safety cap unlike many other oven cleaner

Tried & tested, we’re Good Housekeeping Institute Approved

How To Use:

Dampen a clean sponge, nylon scouring pad or soft cloth with clean warm water, scoop a small quantity of product and apply to the surface. Rub with a circular motion. Rinse with clean water or wipe with a clean cloth to remove residue.

CAUTION: This product is abrasive. Do not use on plastics, non-stick coatings, polished metal surfaces or brushed stainless steel. Do not use on cracked or damaged enamel/glazing. If unsure check compatibility on a small inconspicuous area before use as a cleaner. Unplug electrical appliances before cleaning and refer to manufacturer’s care and maintenance instructions.



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